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Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

things are about to change

With the new year just around the corner, what things are you hoping 2018 will be full of?

Do you have a theme or a thought of what it might hold for you?

Releasing early January, will be our first MY:MICI devotional for 2018 and we’re already sensing a specific Word from the Lord over the year that is almost upon us.

Yet, it’s underpinned by the theme of all we’ve been chatting through this year in each devotional, understanding who you are IN CHRIST, the very essence of the MICI message. Afterall, MICI stands for ‘Made in Christ’s Image,’ and once we understand whose we are, we can come to understand WHO WE ARE and what we are called to, what we’re living for.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get join us for those devotionals throughout 2017, we’re working on ways to make them accessible to you, so hold tight.

In the meantime, what’s the sense you have over 2018? How can we be praying for you, for the year ahead?

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love releases revelation

Love releases revelation to our hearts.

The key to growing in our understanding of God and who He says He is to us, is to receive the revelation of His love for us! (Eph 3:18)

He is not the tyrant King we most often think of Him as. We can feel as though He is someone we should stay just that little bit guarded from, walls up, in case He turns out not to be as good as others say, as good as the Bible says.

Yet, the revelation of His love toward us, reveals that there is no-one as kind as He.


For in Him there is only love. Nothing unkind can come from His hand.

The secret of becoming more of who He says you are, is simply, receiving more of His love. And with the fullness of that revelation, there’s no where you won’t go and nothing you won’t do for Him.

Fully known, deeply loved and completely surrendered to His will.

Guarded by His love … this is the place you’ve always belonged.

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From the inside out

Изнутри ты сотворена по образу Христа. Мы были сотворены по образу Христа, созданы отражать Его природу. Всё, что есть в Нём, теперь есть в ТЕБЕ… Бытие 1:27-28
“И сказал Бог: сотворим человека по образу Нашему, сотворим их так, что они будут отражением Нашей природы… И сотворил Бог человека, сотворил его похожим на Себя, отражающим природу Бога. Он сотворил их; мужчину и женщину»
• • •
From the inside out, you are made in Christ’s image. We were created in the image of God, made to reflect His very nature, all that’s within Him is now within YOU … Genesis 1:26-28 The Message (MSG)
26-28 God spoke: “Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature…
God created human beings;
He created … Reflecting God’s nature.
He created them male and female”
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And in a world where chaos and noise seem to be the norm – as children, made in the image of God; that is, ones made to reflect His nature, remember that we are the facilitators of His peace. If He is the Prince of Peace, then through Him at work in us, we get to firstly, be at peace, we get to bring peace and we are ones that should offer peace to those around us, simply by walking in who He says we are. Who He created us to be; reflections of His nature.

So next time you get caught up in the chaos or overwhelmed by the noise, retreat a moment, take ten deep breaths and concentrate on His peace within you, then draw from that well within. It’s a place of strength.

No matter who is cussing out who at the checkout, or driving all crazy, or being insanely unkind, you get to flip it all on its head and bring peace right into the middle of the mess.

Draw from His well this morning.

Take a moment to center yourself in His peace, so that as you go, you can show a world in unrest, where to find true peace.


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«Сделай себе одолжение и полюби мудрость, учись всему, чему можешь, и тогда ты увидишь, как твоя жизнь расцветает и процветает!» Притчи 19:8
• • •
“Do yourself a favour and love wisdom, learn all you can, then watch your life flourish and prosper!” Proverbs 19:8, TPT . . . . .
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the place where you belong

You’ve likely read Psalm 139 many time; “I will give thanks to You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, wonderful are Your works and my souls know it very well.”

It’s printed on Christian trinkets and tossed back and forth in our conversations but for us to move forward we must let it take hold of our hearts, sinking its roots deep into our souls.

If we believe what we say we believe in the Word of GOd, than you my friend ARE ALREADY WONDERFULLY MADE!

There’s not one ounce of your corkiness, intelligence, creativity —- BEING —- that is not worthy of deep meaningful friendship! Once you take hold of this truth, the enemy will have no ground to stand on when he comes to whisper to your heart ‘you’re not enough,’ to approach another who manifests God’s greatness.

Moving forward in your identity not only allows you to pursue powerful friendships but also attracts those same people into your life!

We need others in our story – God intended us to learn and grow together!

If you’re someone currently looking for your ‘tribe’ then I encourage you to go to the Father and ask Him if you’ve believed the lies about your worth and value, especially for pursuing relationships with other inspiring people. Then take time and ask the Lord to open your eyes to those around you. Who has He placed in your world? Who do you know can you grow from and with?

Pray seek and ask the Lord, He has purposed people to be in your world, ask Him to show you who they are!

Be brave.

You’re loved!

Words: @meganjox

excerpt from our latest issue BELONG available in our bundle pack or sold separately.


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Potato Packs

You may’ve read in our recent issue that we have partnered with Potato Packs to bring meals to children and families in need around the world.

The packs themselves are from a company out of the US, who have partnered with The Red Cross to distribute meals to families across the Philippines, Haiti and some parts of Africa.

They also recently assisted in Houston with supplying over 200,000 servings of nutrient enriched potato packs to families in need.

Last year, partnered with thousands of individuals, we were able to supply over 1.2 million meals to those in need and the goal this year is to bring 2 million meals to hungry and at risk children by the end of 2017.

It’s a bold goal but we love to help where we can and so in partnership with ProjectWellness 365 an initiative of MICI Founder Janelle Knox (more on that in 2018!) and Potato Packs, we have our own unique link to help track how many meals we supply throughout the year.

You can provide five meals to children in need for just $30!

We absolutely know we are making a difference.

If you’re able to help, simply head to and follow the links through to the potato packs section on the website.

We so appreciate all the love and support you always give to help us as we partner to bring change where ever we can throughout the world!


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